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Balloonfair Staphorst 2023

A relaxed balloon party in East Netherlands


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Balloonfair Staphorst is an annual hot air balloon festival taking place near the towns of Staphorst and its southern neighbor Rouveen, famous for numerous floodplains, bogs, and swamps. The fair features 35 balloons available for balloon rides over the beautiful Dutch countryside. Seeing Staphorst and Rouveen from a bird's eye view is going to be a memorable experience for sure!

Balloonfair Staphorst boasts a pleasant and family-friendly atmosphere. The main highlights of the festival include mass ascensions in the morning as well as spectacular Night Glows in the evening. Tethered hot air balloons are illuminating the skies at dusk, creating amazing light effects.

Balloonfair is usually held in June or July, and all balloon flights occur weather permitting. The unfavorable wind may cause the balloons to fly to a wooded, wetland area,

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