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The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus in New Zealand

The bus full of bizarre mechanisms bursts into tinkling, ringing, buzzing and gurgling sounds as soon as you touch any gadget

Best time: October–April

The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus
The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus
The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus
The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus

The cozy cabin of the bus contains a great number of various truly amusing things made of recycled materials which could be simply thrown away. In spite of the warning, a sign saying "Please, don't touch", you are allowed to press the buttons of plentiful dubious gadgets and turn the handles quickly or slowly, clockwise or vice versa and observe how all the bizarre gizmos function. It looks like magic when a toy train goes along the wall lighting up electric bulbs that hang over the railway. Fascinating musical instruments, a "primitive automata", a "hairy thing", a "triple gurgler", a "useless tool" that resembles something between a fork and a can-opener, various ticking clocks, ringing bells and many other fascinatin​g mechanisms make the bus the main attraction of the Lost Gypsy Gallery. The mesmerizing sight is hidden in Papatowai in the Catlings. The Gallerie was created by Blair Somerville in 1990. It is open for visitors during the summer season, namely from October to April, except ​Wednesdays.

Practical info

When can visitors go to the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus?

The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus is open to visitors during the summer season in New Zealand which is from October to April, but closed on Wednesdays. The gallery is an incredible display of recycled gadgets that showcases interesting sounds and sights for visitors to enjoy. Show more

What is the location of the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus in New Zealand?

In the southern region of the South Island of New Zealand, visitors can find the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus in Papatowai. The bus is a must-visit for anyone interested in witnessing its peculiar collections of gadgets that are all made of recycled materials amidst the gorgeous environment that surrounds its location. Show more

Which materials does Blair Somerville use for the gadgets inside the bus?

Blair Somerville creates his quirky and unique gadgets from various disused materials that are often thrown away. Everything from discarded bicycle parts to bones, old rusty metals, shells, toys, and even interesting rocks are used to create items that have functional and creative value. The process elevates their worth and showcases creativity in reusing discarded elements. Show more

How often does the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus add new gadgets to its collection?

Visitors old, and new, get to see fresh gadgets added regularly to the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus collection. With the creator's continuous stream of imaginative ideas, Blair Somerville comes up with new and exciting gadgets by experimenting with unusual materials with discarded value. The ever-growing collection promises visitors the opportunity to ponder the curious objects that showcase the unique style of the gallery that exhibits organic growth of quirky creations. Show more

What sparked Blair Somerville's idea to create the Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus with recycled materials?

Previously working as a carpenter, Blair Somerville grew tired of the monotony of the usual materials. He saw potential in the discarded materials that folks threw out and created something unique from those materials. This persona led him to create The Lost Gypsy Gallery Bus. Hence, showcasing an array of objects repurposed from items people had thrown away, this curiosity item is a representation of his fascination with finding value in unconventional places. Show more

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