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Fall Colors in Oklahoma City, OK

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Fall Colors
Three Trees in Oklahoma City

In the city and on the outskirts—fall in Oklahoma City is a whole palette of orange, yellow, and red.

Fall colors in the city

Located in downtown Oklahoma City, Myriad Botanical Gardens are the easiest way to catch a moment of magical change of seasons. Red maples and orange cypress look astonishing with skyscrapers in the background. Not far from the gardens is Bricktown—a cozy district for a boat trip.

Heritage Hills is another historical neighborhood which is filled with colors at the end of October. Take a walk near Overholser Mansion and Hales Mansion for unusual autumn photos without leaving the city.

Fall colors outside the city

Less than two hours from the city are two excellent parks for a color hunt. Roman Nose State Park has many streams that run along forest paths and is the perfect place to hike, rent a lodge, and enjoy nature's beauty. Red sandstone canyon walls of Red Rock Adventure Park, together with vibrant fall leaves, make this an outstanding autumn ensemble.

Practical info

What is the ideal time to witness the autumn colors in Oklahoma City?

The warm autumn colors of orange, yellow, and red spread across the Oklahoma City streets, parks, and nearby natural areas from late October to early November. Myriad Botanical Gardens located in downtown Oklahoma City and Bricktown District are the convenient places to experience this magical change of seasons. Show more

Which locations are perfect for viewing the fall foliage in Oklahoma City?

The many red maples and orange cypress trees in Myriad Botanical Gardens near the downtown skyscrapers and the vibrant fall colors in the historic Heritage Hills in late October make it the perfect place to take in the fall foliage. Venture beyond the city and explore Roman Nose State Park with many streams and forest paths, and Red Rock Adventure Park, which encompass awe-inspiring red sandstone canyon walls combined with fall leaves of numerous colors. Show more

What activities can visitors enjoy when visiting Roman Nose State Park?

In addition to admiring the splendid fall colors, visitors to Roman Nose State Park can delight in activities like hiking among the forest paths and many streams or go fishing. The park comprises several lodges from where visitors can appreciate the beauty of nature. Recreation opportunities provided by the park include playing volleyball, taking a horseback riding tour, and refreshing dip in one of the park's two pools. Show more

During which time of the year do the fall colors at Red Rock Adventure Park reach peak season?

End of October to early November is the perfect time to enjoy the awe-inspiring red sandstone canyon walls combined with vibrant fall colors in Red Rock Adventure Park. The park offers opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and mountain biking. The visitors can relish a tranquil autumn vacation at the park's rental cabins or enjoy fishing in the park's stream. Show more

Can visitors go hiking in Heritage Hills to experience the fall foliage?

The historic Heritage Hills neighborhood, home to many architectural gems, offers hiking trails to witness the beautiful fall foliage. Take a walk near the Overholser Mansion and Hales Mansion or explore the calming parks and tranquil neighborhoods. Heritage Hills' scenic beauty and vibrant fall foliage make it an ideal place to spend a fall afternoon outdoors. Show more

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