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Skiing in the Southern Alps in Provence & French Riviera

Discover the other side of Provence in small village ski resorts

Best time: December–April

Skiing in the Southern Alps
Skiing in the Southern Alps
Skiing in the Southern Alps
Skiing in the Southern Alps
Skiing in the Southern Alps

When you think of skiing, Provence probably doesn't come to mind but it actually has a couple of nice small ski-resorts in the southern Alps. One of them is Pra Loup which is 2600 metres high with more than 50 individual lifts, over 100 runs, and plenty of delightful hotels and mountain inns surrounded by picturesque forests and peaks. The other one is Abries which is 2450 metres high with around 30 kilometres of routes for intermediete skiers and is perfect for children as well. Finally there's Les Orres which is 2720 metres high with almost 90 kilometres of ski routes and even off-piste skiing. All these are calm, atmospheric village resorts that actually offer some of the best skiing in France.

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What are some ski resorts located in Provence?

While not commonly regarded as a skiing destination, Provence has some exceptional ski resorts. Visitors can enjoy skiing in Pra Loup, Les Orres, and Abries among others. Pra Loup, a renowned resort with a height of 2600 metres and 100 ski runs, is particularly suitable for intermediate skiers. On the other hand, Abries, a smaller resort, has a peculiar charm and is specialised for families with children. Lastly, Les Orres, with many slopes and off-piste options, is another attractive resort for ski enthusiasts. Show more

When is the ideal period to ski within Provence and the French Riviera?

The best time to enjoy skiing in Provence & French Riviera is between December and April. During this period, the ski resorts experience a considerable amount of snowfall, making the slopes particularly enjoyable. The region is renowned for its pleasant sunny weather, providing a pleasant view of the slopes. December and January have the coldest temperatures, while the climate in February and April is relatively mild and can be favourable for skiing and other activities. Show more

What is the skiing experience at Pra Loup like?

For skiers visiting Provence, Pra Loup is one of the most distinctive ski resorts. Pra Loup boasts an unparalleled skiing experience with diverse options for both inexperienced and veteran skiers. The resort has over 100 ski runs, mainly designed for intermediate skiers. Besides, several ski lifts make navigation around the resort more straightforward. Finally, visitors to Pra Loup have a chance to see beautiful views of the surrounding mountainous and skiing areas, making it a must-visit for anyone in the region. Show more

What distinguishes the ski resorts in Provence from those in other French destinations?

Compared to other French skiing destinations, the ski resorts in Provence offer a notably distinct skiing experience. The resorts here are smaller and quieter, with an authentic French charm that is hard to come by. They attract fewer crowds, making them ideal for skiers who prefer less crowded skiing areas. Also, the packages are cheaper, providing good facilities and services without breaking the bank. Lastly, the region is abundant in unspoiled countryside, less crowded, and home to remarkable natural beauty. Show more

Are there other winter activities to enjoy besides skiing in Provence and the French Riviera?

Apart from skiing, the Provence & French Riviera area has various winter activities available for visitors. While not interested in skiing, people enjoy alternatives such as mountain biking, sledging, snowshoe walking, and ice skating. For a serene and relaxed environment, wellness centres and thermal spas are also available. The area also boasts Christmas markets in some towns and villages that offer a range of items, including festive food and drink, handicrafts and local art and craft products. Show more

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