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Best time to visit Provence & French Riviera

Skiing in the Southern Alps

Discover the other side of Provence in small village ski resorts


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When you think of skiing, Provence probably doesn't come to mind but it actually has a couple of nice small ski-resorts in the southern Alps. One of them is Pra Loup which is 2600 metres high with more than 50 individual lifts, over 100 runs, and plenty of delightful hotels and mountain inns surrounded by picturesque forests and peaks. The other one is Abries which is 2450 metres high with around 30 kilometres of routes for intermediete skiers and is perfect for children as well. Finally there's Les Orres which is 2720 metres high with almost 90 kilometres of ski routes and even off-piste skiing. All these are calm, atmospheric village resorts that actually offer some of the best skiing in France.

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