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Guajataca Tunnel 2021-2022

The historical tunnel now hosts a weekend crafts market


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Not so many people know that Puerto Rico used to have railroads. Guajataca Tunnel was part of the great plan to encompass the island with railways. The railroad tunnel connected the towns of Isabela and Quebradillas and was supposed to transport cane sugar in the early 1900s. The passage that now leads to the picturesque Guajataca Beach was declared a historical monument in 2000. It's open for the public without charge.

Due to its isolated location and beautiful sea views, Guajataca Tunnel is a perfect one-day getaway that can be visited year-round. On the weekends, Guajataca Tunnel hosts a small artisan market and food stalls. Music concerts and DJ sets are also held at the tunnel from time to time. In addition, children will appreciate pony rides and a small train providing rides through the tunnel.

Guajataca Tunnel constructed by The American Railroad Co. in 1904 consists of two tunnels on each side of the canyon connected by a 250-ft (76-m) steel bridge located at an elevation of 131 ft (40 m). This impressive engineering structure surrounded by pristine nature is definitely worth a visit.

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