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Hydrangeas in San Francisco 2024

Fashionable hydrangeas are abundunt in San-Francisco

Best time: June–July


Summer time is characterized by its seasonal flowers. Hydrangeas blossoms are typically white, however, ​they also occur in blue, pink, light or dark purple and red. It's most beautiful in Golden Gate Park and the famous Lombard Street.

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When is the best time to see hydrangeas in San Francisco?

From late May to July is the favorable time to visit San Francisco for optimal hydrangea viewing. In San Francisco, the flowers bloom in an assortment of colors such as white, blue, pink, purple, and red due to the city's acidic soil. Lombard Street and Golden Gate Park are two excellent locations to get a glimpse of these delightful flowers. Show more

Where are the best places in San Francisco to see hydrangeas?

San Francisco is a city where hydrangeas are located in various spots. You can see these graceful flowers enlightening the beautiful Lombard Street while driving or walking. The Golden Gate Park is another peaceful location to stop by and gaze at over 60 species of hydrangeas. Other notable destinations include Alamo Square, the Conservatory of Flowers, and the Japanese Tea Garden. Show more

What are the common colors of hydrangeas in San Francisco?

Hydrangeas are commonly seen blooming in blue, pink, light or dark purple, red, and white in San Francisco. The colors of the flowers are affected by the pH level of the soil. San Francisco is unique in that its soil is acidic, resulting in an abundance of vibrant colors in the hydrangeas that grow here. This causes them to look different from hydrangea flowers in other areas of the world. Show more

How do I get to Golden Gate Park and Lombard Street?

Public transportation in the form of the Muni Railway or buses is a reasonable alternative for those looking to get to Golden Gate Park. Lombard Street is best accessed by car or ride-share services such as Lyft or Uber for a delightful glimpse of the blossoming flowers. For a more scenic route, you can take a cable car or enjoy a leisurely walk to Lombard Street, taking in San Francisco's picturesque sights along the way. Show more

Are there any other seasonal flowers to see in San Francisco besides hydrangeas?

San Francisco is replete with different plants and animals throughout the year. Besides hydrangeas, you can find cherry blossoms in February and early April, tulips and azaleas from late February to May, and Dahlia flowers from June to August. Each season presents different floral views in San Francisco, so visitors can appreciate the changes in the scenery accordingly. Show more

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