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Thousands of skuas, auks, dotterels, ptarmigans, and eagles highlight Scottish birdwatching season


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Diverse landscapes from the tranquil pinewoods of Caledonia, the Cairngorn mountains, Highlands, and lengthy coastline result in the great variety of birds and hence year-round bird watching opportunities. However the peak season is quite short and runs from May to June. At this time Scotland hosts a great number of migratory birds and summer visitors nest and breed all across the country. The most impressive are probably seabird colonies that settle in Handa Island with thousands of skuas and auks. The high plateaus are abundant in ptarmigan and dotterel. Hen capercaillies, golden eagles, and white-tailed eagles are also plentiful in Scotland during this season. Ducks and geese are bountiful in the Scottish countryside, particularly around the historical site of Phantassie Doocot boasting a 16th century Preston mill and 18th century stone buildings. Plenty of birds also inhabit local millpond, and guided tours run from May to September.

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Female Ptarmigan
Birdwatching in Scotland - Best Season 2020

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