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Skiing and Snowboarding in Seoul

Skiing is a popular winter sport in South Korea and there are several ski resorts situated just outside Seoul that offer great slopes and trails for all levels

Best time: December–March

Skiing and Snowboarding

Take a wonderful winter getaway to South Korea by heading off to ski resorts near Seoul. Providing the perfect atmosphere for skiing and snowboarding, South Korea hosted the Asian Winter Games in 1999 and is set to host the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in 2018 in Pyeong Chang. Popular ski resorts near Seoul include the Bears Town Ski Resort in Pocheon-si, the Star Hill Resort in Namyangju-si, the Jisan Forest Ski Resort in Icheon-si, the Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley in Yongin-si, and the Konjiam Resort in Gwangju-si. It may be wise to stay more than a day in Gyeonggi-do province since these resorts are located a 3-4 hour drive from Seoul.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to go skiing in Seoul?

To experience the perfect skiing atmosphere, many skiers flock to the ski resorts in Seoul during the cold and dry months between December to March. It is important to keep an eye on the weather forecasts before planning your trip to make sure that there is sufficient snow for skiing, though there is usually ample snowfall during this period. Show more

Where are the ski resorts located in relation to Seoul?

Ski resorts located outside Seoul can be reached with a 3-4 hour drive. Popular ski resorts such as Bears Town Ski Resort, Star Hill Resort, Jisan Forest Ski Resort, Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley and Konjiam Resort are a few that are located near Seoul. These resorts have excellent slopes and trails that cater to all skill levels, and the drive is well worth the magnificent experience. Show more

What kind of ski slopes and trails are available for beginners?

Most of the ski resorts in Seoul have beginner and intermediate-friendly slopes and trails, while some even have dedicated slopes and areas for children and beginners. Skiers visiting Bears Town Ski Resort can enjoy the luxury of a 'magic carpet' that can transport skiers to the start of the beginner's slope with ease. Besides this, skilled instructors are also available to provide ski lessons if needed. Show more

Are there any ski resorts in Seoul that offer night skiing?

Several ski resorts situated in Seoul offer night skiing, including Jisan Forest Ski Resort and Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley. At Jisan Forest Ski Resort, skiers can enjoy the slopes until 3 am while at Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley, skiing is allowed until 10 pm. Night skiing not only offers an excellent skiing experience but also an opportunity to experience Seoul's ski slopes in a different light with illuminated surroundings. Show more

What kind of accommodation is available near the ski resorts?

Most of the ski resorts in Seoul have on-site accommodation, but visitors who prefer to stay off-site can choose from an array of lodges, hotels, and guest houses available near the ski resorts. Gyeonggi-do Province and Gangwon-do Province have plenty of tourists’ accommodation options situated in close proximity to most of the resorts. Hence, visitors looking to stay close to the Star Hill Resort can find affordable hotels and guesthouses in Namyangju-si. Show more

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