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Serengeti Cultural Festival 2021

Much more than just a safari—learn about African nature and meet the people of various local tribes and see their performances and handcrafts

Every third week of July the town of Mugumu in the Mara region in Western Tanzania celebrates the annual Serengeti Cultural Festival. This unique event gathers together people from different tribes that live between Lake Zone and the Serengeti National Park. It is a three-day celebration of art and culture, during which everyone can see traditional dancers, unique local crafts, exhibitions, and trade fairs.

This is a great opportunity for travellers to experience African culture and art close to the traditional safari routes. This open air event usually takes place in the urban areas, and runs from 10 am till 4 pm. Participating tribes include the Kurya, Ikoma, Maasai, Wamagati, Sukuma, Jita, and Ngoreme.

The Serengeti Cultural Festival a time to promote cultural tourism, environmental conservation, and cultural heritage. For the local people its a good chance to show their handcrafts and works of art.

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