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Best time to travel to Tanzania


A giant variety of bird species living in diverse natural habitats promises a great experience for birdwatchers


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Tanzania offers a wide range of endemic species as well as migratory birds. Together it creates some of the best opportunities for bird watching enthusiasts. More than 1,000 species live here in Tanzania's diverse habitats, like mountain forests, savanna, woodlands, plains, coastline, etc.

Birding in Tanzania is full of gorgeous discoveries and amazing landscapes. Some of the most spectacular endemic birds in Tanzania are the Udzungwa forest-partridge, Mrs Moreau's warbler, Loveridge's sunbird, and the Usambara eagle-owl. Top birding sites include almost all national parks, Lake Victoria, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, Lake Manyara, and Lake Tanganyika, as well as the mountainous regions—Usambara Mountains and Mt. Kilimanjaro. All these locations have hundreds of various species to observe.

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