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Cask Days 2019

Choose between 400 varieties of beer and cider in three days at one of the largest cask festivals in the world


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Every fall Cask Days festival at Evergreen Brickworks celebrates the love for cask ale—it has to be pure, unpasteurized and natural. Industry professionals and 10,000 enthusiasts come together to drink unfiltered, naturally carbonated beer directly from casks and discuss all possible topics concerning brewing an excellent product. Educational seminars by the leaders of industry are highly popular. Q&A sessions and panel discussions by cask experts help to learn more about the history and evolution of cask ale in Canada. And there is always a live brewing demonstration presented by Toronto Brewing, where you can engage senses such as: smell, see, touch and taste.

Cask Days festival was founded by Bar Volo in 2005. The festival has grown into one of the largest and most anticipated beer events in Canada. A unique festival experience includes not only beer but also delicious food, art, and music.

Talented DJs and relaxing atmosphere can easily be encountered at family-friendly Volo Beer Garden on Sunday, which also provides an additional chance to finish the remaining casks and try some new drafts.

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