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Redpath Waterfront Festival 2021

This carefree, fun event is all about entertainment and huge installations


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Every summer Toronto waterfront comes to life with Redpath Waterfront Festival featuring interactive shows, games, food, drink, shopping, and endless fun in Sherbourne Common Park and HTO Park.

Don't miss the Waterfront Artisan Market at HTO Park featuring a mix of 75 local artisans, craftsmen, chefs, and bakers. It offers everything—from fine jewelry, art and artisanal souvenirs to delicious food and drinks.

The Redpath Waterfront Festival is also known for its huge installations, like the world's most gigantic rubber duck, measuring 18,5 m (61 ft) in height, 24 m (79 ft) in width, and 27 m (89 ft) in length. Another big installation is six giant beach balls called the Pendulum Wave. The beach balls get suspended from a large frame, swinging back and forth.

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