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Table Mountain in Wyoming

One of the most accessible mountains of the Teton Range

Best time: July–September

Table Mountain
Table Mountain

Table Mountain is famous for spectacular views of the Grand Teton peak and beautiful Cascade Canyon. With the height of 3,387 m (11,111 ft), Table Mountain is located between the Grand Teton National Park and the Jedediah Smith Wilderness in Wyoming, close to the state border with Idaho. Despite its complexity and high elevation gain, the hike up Table Mountain is a popular one, since it can be completed without special equipment and skills.

The 18-km (11-mi) loop trail starts at the Teton Canyon Trailhead near Driggs, Idaho. From there, you can take several routes up. The Huckleberry route is considered to be the most comfortable and scenic. The Face is a shorter route, but it's very steep. Hikers don't recommend to take this route when going down due to loose rocks. The best time to do this trail is from July through September. If you approach the mountain from Idaho, you pass beautiful Jedediah Wilderness with wildflowers blooming in the summer. The area is also home to grizzly and black bears. In the summer, thunderstorms are frequent in this area, so check the weather forecast before starting your climb.

The Grand Teton National Park also has other beautiful hiking routes and a few campgrounds to spend the night, like Jenny Lake Campground, Gros Ventre Campground and others.

Practical info

When is the best time to hike Table Mountain?

Hiking Table Mountain is best done between July and September when the weather is warmer and the trail is mostly snow-free. Checking the weather forecast before setting out is key as thunderstorms are common in the region during the summer season. Show more

Where is Table Mountain located?

Table Mountain is situated in Wyoming and is adjacent to the border with Idaho. Located between the Jedediah Smith Wilderness area and Grand Teton National Park, hikers can access the start of the 18-km (11-mi) loop trail at the Teton Canyon Trailhead that's near Driggs in Idaho. Show more

What is the height of Table Mountain?

Standing at 3,387 meters (11,111 ft), Table Mountain's summit is often the aim of hikers as its tackleable without specialist gear or skills yet offers stunning views. Show more

Are there any campgrounds near Table Mountain?

For sleeping close to Table Mountain, visitors have a few choices in the Grand Teton National Park including Gros Ventre Campground and Jenny Lake Campground. It's important to plan ahead and book well in advance during the busy times of the year to avoid disappointment. Show more

What are the recommended hiking routes up Table Mountain?

Hikers commonly select one of several route options when climbing Table Mountain, such as taking the longer but more scenic Huckleberry route, and avoiding the steep and rocky Face route when descending. Prospective climbers should ensure that they are physically and mentally in a position to undertake the hike and bring sunscreen, food, and plenty of water. Show more

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