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Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna) in Argentina

Argentina's Moon Valley is an unearthly treasure and a must-see attraction!

Best time: April–November

Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna)
Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna)

Our planet has a place whose surface closely resembles the surface of Mars or the Moon. Such an unusual area is in the north-west of Argentina, in the province of San Juan called the Ischigualasto Provincial Park or the second unofficial name—"Valle de la Luna" (Valley of the Moon).

Valley of the Moon is a paleontological center, a geological formation, and a natural national park. Previously the park was rich in minerals, and now the valley is most interesting for paleontologists, scientists, and researchers. Scientists have found many remains of plants and animals, dinosaurs, and other reptiles with evolutionary relationships with the first dinosaurs that lived here some 250 million years ago. The remains of 54 different types of dinosaurs have been found in this park. The park has a museum where you can see the bones of dinosaurs or full reconstructed layouts.

The terrain of the Ischigualasto Provincial Park contains many unusual formations that seemingly arose from a science fiction movie about space worlds—unusual stones, holes, pillars and columns, sand mounds, and boulders. Travellers are attracted to this kind of harsh arid landscape park by the various bizarre mountain formations in the form of pillars, mushrooms, and other "sculptures" of natural origin and also beautiful pink rocky cliffs up to 200 meters high.

The best time to visit the Ischigualasto Provincial Park is from April to November. December to March are the rainy months, and you may find some roads impassable during that time. Bizarre landscapes of the Moon Valley are said to be especially amazing under the full moon.

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What is the Ischigualasto Provincial Park, and where is it located in Argentina?

Ischigualasto Provincial Park, also called Valley of the Moon, is found in the San Juan province of northwest Argentina. The park is renowned for its paleontological and geological significance. It comprises several unusual nature formations like sand mounds, rocks, pillars, boulders, and holes that resemble another world and is also a national park. Show more

What types of remains have scientists found at the park?

Scientists have discovered fossils of many dinosaurs, 54 of which date back to 250 million years ago at Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Besides, researchers have also discovered remains of other animals, reptiles, and plants with evolution links to the park's first dinosaurs. Visitors to the park can view these fossils and dinosaur bones at the museum and enjoy the park's biodiversity. Show more

What are some of the unusual terrain formations found at the park?

Ischigualasto Provincial Park's landscape comprises awe-inspiring pink rocky cliffs, pillars, mushroom-shaped mounts, and boulders. The geographical formations of the park, like the rocks, boulders, and holes, are distinct, making the place worth visiting. The park's composition consists mainly of arid land, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the area. Show more

Are there any specific months to avoid visiting the park?

Travellers should try to avoid visiting Ischigualasto Provincial Park from December to March since these months receive the highest rainfall. During this period, some of the park's roads may be inaccessible. From April through November, travel is much easier, and the weather is drier and comfortable, making it the best time to have a good experience of the bizarre and unique landscape. Show more

How is the park's landscape said to look during a full moon?

The Ischigualasto Provincial Park looks surreal during a full moon, enhancing the landscape's natural beauty with an ethereal glow. The park's rocky cliffs, pillars, sand mounds, and bizarrely shaped geological formations look even more spectacular under the illumination of the full moon. Visitors have an opportunity to have a unique stargazing experience as the full moon provides excellent visibility. Show more

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