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China's ski resorts are unfairly underestimated by the outside world

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In winter most parts of northern China are covered with snow. The capital city of Beijing is one of the most popular ski destinations. Its two celebrated winter resorts include Nanshan and Huaibei, both belong to China's top 5 skiing locations. Nanshan Ski Resort is known as the best and largest one located near the capital, and Huaibei is famous for ski glade surrounded by the Great Wall. Other popular resorts include Songhua Lake Ski Resort, Yabuli Ski Resort, and southern Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort.

Songhua Lake Ski Resort with its Songhua Lake Natural Scenic Spot is a superb skiing centre for both athletes and amateurs. The resort, situated in Wulihe Town, 90 kilometres away from Jilin City, enjoys 160 snowy days a year. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and that's why the wind in the winter isn't that strong there. Jilin is famous for its frost which makes for spectacular views in winter.

Yabuli is the largest Chinese ski resort located near Shangzhi City. It is good for beginners and experienced skiers alike. There are a lot of events and activities held at this resort, like the Asian Winter Games. The modern facilities of Yabuli Ski Resort cover 11 slopes to supply the needs of all visitors. By the way, its Alpine ski slope is the longest one in Asia.

In South China, there is also a well-equipped and huge Alpine ski resort–Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain. The Big Snow Mountain, the highest peak in Chengdu, is covered by snow during all seasons. It takes just two hours to get to the resort from downtown Chengdu. Xiling resort owns a progressive snow-making system and has seven international standard trails.

The ski season in China varies depending on the resort, starting early in November and lasting to late April, and rarely up to June. However, the most convenient time for a skiing vacation is December through March.

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