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Grays and Torreys Peaks are located in the Front Range region of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The peaks are among 53 mountains in the state that exceed 14,000 ft (4267.2 m). Grays Peak's height is 14,278 ft (4352 m), which makes it the highest summit of the Front Range and the highest point on the Continental Divide. Both mountains were first described by Botanist Charles C. Parry in 1861 who named the peaks in honor of his botanist colleagues Asa Gray and John Torrey.

The trail to Grays and Torreys is 7.7 mi (12.4 km) long. It is heavily trafficked and is rated as difficult and like with most Colorado mountains, the best period for climbing is from June through October. The route starts from Grays Peak Trail at Stevens Gulch. Hikers who wish to visit both peaks in one day travel in a clockwise direction, going to Grays Peak first. It is less than a mile from Grays Peak's summit to Torreys Peak. The route goes down the North Ridge of Grays and then through the saddle between the peaks.

The trail is very popular and well-maintained, so it can get rather crowded. Avoid hiking there during the weekends.

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