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Hatching Turtles in Great Barrier Reef

The most unforgettable turtle experience up close and personal

Best time: November–March

Hatching Turtles
Hatching Turtles

The area of Great Barrier Reef is a nice spot to watch loads of turtles hatching and making their first steps. The Reef offers a few options for you to choose. To see the most of Reef's wildlife and an immense number of turtles, visit the largest living coral reef aquarium - the Reef HQ. It'll be a perfect option, if you aren't into snorkeling or scuba diving and still want to watch turtles in a very close to wild conditions.

To eye witness the turtle hatching, head for Heron Island Resort. Also this spot is an ideal one for snorkeling adventure as it opens the way to more than 20 nice spots a few minutes by boat off the island. Although the island is a small one, it is a home for a plenty of turtles that you can watch hatching and ambling along the coastline.

Practical info

When is the best time to witness turtle nests hatching into young turtles in Great Barrier Reef?

You can witness turtle nests hatching into adorable turtles that move on the sand to the ocean. The hatching season starts from November and lasts until March. The turtle hatching season peaks in January and February, when the weather is warmer and there are more daylight hours. To catch the magic of turtle hatching in Great Barrier Reef, plan your visit accordingly between these months. Show more

Where can you look at turtle hatching up close within Great Barrier Reef?

Reef HQ Aquarium and Heron Island Resort are some of the most sought-out places to watch turtle hatching in Great Barrier Reef. Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville is the largest living coral reef aquarium where visitors can observe hatching of turtles behind a glass panel. Heron Island Resort, being a nesting site, provides the ideal spot to watch turtle nests and hatching along its coastline. Visit these destinations and watch turtle hatching moments up close. Show more

Which is the most sizable living coral reef aquarium available in Great Barrier Reef?

The largest, most encompassing coral reef aquarium on Great Barrier Reef is Reef HQ Aquarium located at Townsville. This aquarium is renowned as a research center, in addition to being an aquarium, and offers visitors an opportunity to observe hatching of turtles from behind a glass panel. While visiting Reef HQ Aquarium, visitors can enter the predator tunnel, stroll through the underwater viewing tunnel, and enjoy watching turtles and different marine species up close and from different perspectives. Show more

What is the best time of year for snorkeling close to Heron Island Resort?

To experience the best of snorkeling in the vicinity of Heron Island Resort, visit the place between October and April. During this time, the temperature of the water ranges between 26 and 30°C, making it an optimal time to immerse yourself in the underwater world. Visitors can expect high water visibility, making it easier to explore the treasures that lie within. With snorkeling equipment available for rent, one can explore the 20 different snorkeling spots, all just minutes away by boat. Show more

Besides Reef HQ Aquarium and Heron Island Resort, are there any other areas where turtle hatching occurs in Great Barrier Reef?

Apart from Reef HQ Aquarium and Heron Island Resort, other spots in Great Barrier Reef include Lady Elliot Island Resort, Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Green Island and Fitzroy Island, where visitors can see turtle hatching. More inquiries should be directed to the respective local authorities as the location's accessibility and the availability of turtles to witness during the hatching season vary. Plan your visit accordingly and take advantage of these opportunities to witness the wonder of turtle hatching. Show more

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