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Best time to travel to Great Barrier Reef

Hatching Turtles

The most unforgettable turtle experience up close and personal

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The area of Great Barrier Reef is a nice spot to watch loads of turtles hatching and making their first steps. The Reef offers a few options for you to choose. To see the most of Reef's wildlife and an immense number of turtles, visit the largest living coral reef aquarium - the Reef HQ. It'll be a perfect option, if you aren't into snorkeling or scuba diving and still want to watch turtles in a very close to wild conditions.

To eye witness the turtle hatching, head for Heron Island Resort. Also this spot is an ideal one for snorkeling adventure as it opens the way to more than 20 nice spots a few minutes by boat off the island. Although the island is a small one, it is a home for a plenty of turtles that you can watch hatching and ambling along the coastline.

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