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Climbing Mount Olympus

You don't need to be a Greek god to climb Mount Olympus


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Mount Olympus is not only part of Greek mythology, it is a real mountain peak that can be ascended by both beginners and professionals. According to legend, Mount Olympus was the residence of all the Greek gods. 2,917 m higher than all mortals, they ruled the world and people's destinies.

Climbing Mount Olympus in Greece - Best Season 2020

Aside from its historical importance, it is the best hiking destination in the country and one of the highest mountains of Europe. With its 160 km of trails, visitors have a variety of options and places to visit from the highest peak Mytikas to Skolio or even the home of Zeus—Stefani. It is especially beautiful during sunrise, when everything turns pink.

Best time for Climbing Mount Olympus in Greece 2020

The period from May to October is recommended as the best season for an unforgettable 2-3 day hike.

Best time to see Climbing Mount Olympus in Greece 2020

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