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Neda River Hiking in Greece

Grab your hiking shoes and swimming suit to explore one of the most beautiful spots in Greece

Best time: May–September

Neda River Hiking
Neda River Hiking
Neda River Hiking

Neda is the only river in Greece with a female name, and it's no wonder that it's one of the most beautiful. Its crystal blue pools and waterfalls attract many visitors. You can go canyoning, trekking or even running here. Hikers can begin at every point of the gorge or can complete a full 2-day trip.

The route is located in the Messinia region and can easily be reached from Platania village. The best season is May to September. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck on a muddy road while hiking, not to mention the river itself downloads huge amounts of water.

The Kyparissia castle and a 20-meter high waterfall are some of the most popular places to visit on the route. Rich flora and fauna of the region are also deserving of attention.

Practical info

When is it advisable to go hiking at Neda River?

Hiking at Neda River is best from May to September, when the weather is ideal, and the water levels are manageable. However, hikers are well-advised to avoid the rainy season and stay away from the region when the water levels are high as it can be unsafe. Show more

From where is the Neda River Trekking usually started?

Platania Village is the typical starting point for Neda River Gorge trek, although visitors can begin from any point or even embark on a two-day trip. The village is located in the Messinia region, and hikers can make it their base when exploring the area. Show more

What are the highlights of the Neda River hike?

The blue pools, waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes make the Neda River hike popular among tourists. There are two significant attractions on the route - the 20-meter Haravgi waterfall and the Kyparissia Castle. Additionally, hiking the gorge, visitors can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna, making it a great adventure for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Show more

Can tourists get guided tours for Neda River hiking and canyoning?

Hikers and canyoning enthusiasts can get guided tours when exploring the Neda River Gorge. The tours are led by certified and experienced guides who provide valuable insights into the place's history, flora, and fauna. They also suggest the best routes and spots for a fulfilling and memorable experience while ensuring their safety throughout the expedition. Show more

How challenging is the Neda River Gorge hike?

Although the hike is moderate, visitors should expect sometimes steep and rocky terrain along the Neda River Gorge trek. Additionally, there are narrow paths that may pose a challenge during the hike. During the rainy season, the trail may be slippery and might require extra caution. Overall, people with reasonable fitness levels can complete the hike without complications and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region. Show more

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