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Cruising the Danube in Hungary

A romantic way to see the greatest sights of Budapest

Best time: March–October

Cruising the Danube
Cruising the Danube
Cruising the Danube
Cruising the Danube
Cruising the Danube
Cruising the Danube

Budapest is called the Pearl of Danube for a reason. Nothing reveals its beauty and grace more than a boat tour along its banks. You can marvel at all the historic sights and enjoy your dinner on a boat at the same time. Some cruise boats also offer some additional entertainment, like the​ gypsy and classical music, or even opera. Although cruises are usually available all year round, they are undoubtedly the most enjoyable during warm summer nights. The most frequent boat tours are offered between March and October.

Practical info

Can guests dine onboard boat tours in Budapest?

Dinner onboard boat tours on the Danube in Budapest is possible, with a vast selection of dining options that include traditional Hungarian cuisine and international menus. It is also possible to indulge in the local Hungarian wines, beers, and other beverages while enjoying the scenic views of Budapest's landmarks such as Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, and Fisherman's Bastion. Show more

What forms of entertainment are available on boat tours in Budapest?

Boat tours on the Danube in Budapest provide various forms of entertainment, along with the stunning views of the city. While some cruises offer live music such as gypsy and classical music or opera, others provide a dancefloor where you can party while on board. However, it's essential to verify the entertainment options before booking a specific tour, as they may vary. Show more

What are the recommended months for taking a boat tour on the Danube in Budapest?

The best time for a boat tour on the Danube in Budapest is between March to October. During this period, Budapest experiences mild climate, and the scenery is in full bloom, which makes for a great view. Additionally, most boat tours only operate in this period, providing numerous options to choose from. Although, to experience a more magical view of Budapest's waterfront, Summer nights are preferred. Show more

What are the starting points of Budapest's boat tours?

Boat tours on the Danube in Budapest commonly start in different areas along either side of the river, with the majority starting from Vigadó square pier, which is located at the city center. Margaret Island, Buda Castle, and Batthyány Square are other starting points. To take note of the precise location of the starting point, it's important to confirm with the tour operator, especially since it may vary with each trip. Show more

Which historical sites can you see while on a boat tour in Budapest?

Budapest's boat tour along the Danube provides a stunning view of the city's landmarks, such as Buda Castle, Andrassy Avenue, Fisherman's Bastion, and Parliament Building. Additionally, you can also experience the Liberty Statue, the Chain Bridge, and Gellért thermal baths from the deck of the boat. Discovering Budapest's mesmerizing history and breath-taking architecture is a fantastic experience with this tour alongside the waterfront. Show more

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