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Mizubasho or Skunk Cabbage in Japan

A beautifully strange flower

Best time: mid-April–early May

Mizubasho or Skunk Cabbage
Mizubasho or Skunk Cabbage
Mizubasho or Skunk Cabbage

These plants like damp grounds and bring cosmic beauty to the land. They also smell quite a lot! The Japanese love the mizubasho bloom and never miss an occasion to admire it in numerous parks. Mizubasho bloom is one of the signs of the arrival of summer to Japan.

Practical info

When can people see the Mizubasho flower in Japan?

The Mizubasho flower blooms from mid-April to early May in Japan. The blooming season, however, can vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions and location. Inquire with local authorities for the most up-to-date information on the Mizubasho flowering season. Show more

Which parks in Japan are popular for viewing Mizubasho flowers?

Japan is home to several parks and natural reserves where the Mizubasho flower can be viewed. Some of the more popular parks include Jindai Botanical Garden located in Tokyo, Shikoku Mura Village in Kagawa, and Kumamoto's Mount Aso. The size, terrain, and blooming season of each park determines the unique experience that each provides. Show more

What are the Skunk Cabbage plant's unique attributes?

The Mizubasho plant is a wetland herbaceous perennial plant native to Japan, commonly known as the Skunk Cabbage plant. It has large green leaves, some of which can grow up to 1 meter. The plant is known for producing a striking purple inflorescence and is capable of generating heat at a temperature of up to 20 degrees Celsius by breaking down stored starch. This heat production allows the Mizubasho plant to bloom even in the presence of snow. Show more

What does the Mizubasho flower smell like?

The Mizubasho flower, despite its beauty, has an overpowering odor that can often be compared to that of rotting meat or very strong onions. The flower gives off gases that assist with pollination by attracting pollinating insects such as flies and beetles. Although the smell may be unpleasant, it is a crucial component of the plant's reproductive cycle. Show more

How does the Mizubasho flower mark the start of summer in Japan?

The Mizubasho flower is a harbinger of summer's arrival in Japan, signalling new beginnings and reawakening. Although the blooming period of the flower is brief, it is cherished by the Japanese people. The Mizubasho bloom is such an important event that many parks and gardens host celebratory festivals during this time to commemorate the plant and its blooming season. Show more

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