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Mekudeshet 2019

The Old City is filled with tunes from all over the world

Dates: canceled in 2020

Jerusalem is the perfect venue for the Mekudeshet Festival with its rich history and traditions. Held since 2012, it is a beautiful mix of cultures, religions, and music genres. Israeli and Arab musicians, as well as musicians from all around the world include Matisyahu, HaDag HaNahash, Ester Rada, and the Zvuloon Dub System. There are plenty of singing, drumming, and partying that goes on during this time.

The Mekudeshet Festival promotes the harmony and peace of all nations in the name of music, joy, and equality. It embraces a variety of sacred music and theatre, and exposes participants to new senses, music styles, and never-before-heard combinations.

The concerts are held in the iconic Old City.

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