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Bird of Paradise in Los Angeles

The official flower of LA may even surpass tropical orchids

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise, also famous as "Crane Flowers" are a beloved flower of Los Angeles that can be seen in various floral compositions. The unique flowers are similar to the head of birds of paradise. Most often they are compared to the head of a Firebird. Even the shape of the bend of a powerful long peduncle resembles an exquisitely curved bird's neck. Birds of Paradise flowers are large and bright. They are decorated with green and red vellum coverlets. They are the favourite flowers of hummingbirds.

In Los Angeles, these flowers can bloom at any time of year, but the heaviest autumn through spring (September–May). The peak of blooming season usually occurs in winter, particularly between February and March. In summer Bird of Paradise flowers too but rarely.

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