Best time to visit Malta

Hiking in Malta

Discover a taste of rural Malta by enjoying the quieter places of the island especially by trekking along the Gozo coast

Best time: September–May

Hiking in Malta
Hiking in Malta
Hiking in Malta
Hiking in Malta
Hiking in Malta

Malta has over 250 km of coastline and beautiful Mediterranean landscape inland that makes for an ideal experience for hiking. The most interesting is hiking in the Maltese countryside or historic villages with their charm and beauty. Most of Malta’s hiking trails are located along the Western coastline stretching from Dingli in the south-west to Cirkewwa in the north-west.

For those who are looking for a more peaceful and quiet time, we suggest walks along the rugged cliffs and winding valleys of Gozo with local treasures and stunning views. The main season for hiking in Gozo is during the mild winters and from mid-autumn to the end of spring when the island is covered in green grass with blooming wild flowers and scented herbs. Enjoy a picnic outside watching the bustling life of the island, admiring the sea views. You can also learn the diverse legends of Maltese temples and caves with histories dating to the times of Knights and explore wonderful churches and historical attractions.

Practical info

When is the best time to go hiking in Malta and Gozo?

Hiking in Malta and Gozo is most preferable from late autumn till the end of spring, especially during the mild winters as the island is beautified with blooming flowers and lush greens. Hikers are advised to avoid the summer season, particularly July and August, due to the extremely high temperature and humidity levels. This period does not favor inexperienced hikers. Show more

Where are the best hiking trails located in Malta?

Most hikes in Malta run along the Western coastline from Dingli in the southwest direction to Cirkewwa in the northwest. Gozo's remote areas are also ideal for hiking, offering tranquility and a distance away from the bustle of the typical tourist areas. Gozo presents several walking trails, each with its unique sights and differing degrees of difficulty from easygoing breezy hikes to strenuous and demanding ones. Show more

What are some of the historical attractions to see while hiking in Malta?

Hiking in Malta gives one an opportunity to experience the island's rich heritage and cultural diversity. The Mnajdra Temples offer a perfect glimpse into prehistoric times with the oldest standing temples, with a UNESCO World Heritage status, being from 3600 BC. Hikers can also visit the Hal Tarxien Temples, Hagar Qim Temples, and Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum to experience Malta's history first-hand. Show more

When is the most ideal weather condition to hike in Gozo?

Gozo is most suitable for hiking during the mild winters, from late autumn to the end of spring. This time provides perfect weather conditions with cooler temperatures, lush greens, and blooming wildflowers to give hikers a refreshing environment. Hikers are advised to check the weather forecast at all times, primarily before embarking on the hiking expedition. Show more

What are the unique treasures to find while hiking in Gozo's rugged cliffs and winding valleys?

Hikers in Gozo's rugged cliffs and winding valleys will revel in the opportunity to discover hidden gems on the island. Even with the numerous tourists, the hinterland has some fantastic surprises. Hikers can expect to experience magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea, breathtaking grottoes, and picture-perfect caves. There are also trails to Najinga Point, Wied il-Mielah, and Mgarr ix-Xini Valley, offering an enriching and peaceful retreat away from the usual busy tourist sections. Show more

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