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Ferry Ride from Yangon to Dala in Myanmar

A picturesque way of crossing the Yangon River

Best time: November–February

Ferry Ride from Yangon to Dala
Ferry Ride from Yangon to Dala
Ferry Ride from Yangon to Dala
Ferry Ride from Yangon to Dala

This is the best opportunity to see a local floating market. Despite the fact that it’s a brief 10-minute ride, it is filled with all the craziness of a Burmese ferry: you can buy a freshly sliced watermelon, cheroots and cigarettes, tea, all kinds of interesting looking food, and various knick-knacks from the many vendors selling there.

The ferry goes from Yangon to the small village of Dallah (also spelled as Dala or Dalah). It has no seats (except small plastic chairs and larger deck chairs are available for rent) 2 decks, upstairs is for tourists only.

Combine the ride with a visit to Dallah pagoda. The ferry moves along the river all year round. But we recommend going on this short trip in the dry season (November-February).

Practical info

When is it ideal to take the ferry ride from Yangon to Dala?

Visitors can take the ferry ride from Yangon to Dala during the dry season, from November to February. During this period, the weather is comfortable, and there is less rainfall, allowing passengers to enjoy the spectacular views on the open decks more comfortably. Show more

What is the route of the ferry and what is the village of the destination like?

Travelers can board the ferry from Yangon to Dalla, a small village located across the Yangon River. Dala is a charming village that is home to friendly locals, a relaxed atmosphere, narrow lanes, bustling markets, and an exquisite Dala Buddha Statue, which is an important cultural landmark. Visitors can delve into the alleys, watch traders selling their wares, and admire the temple's intricate architecture on a temple tour. Show more

What are some unusual local items available for purchase during the ferry ride?

On board the ferry, passengers can explore a local floating market that provides an opportunity to buy a range of Burmese souvenirs, ranging from traditional handicraft items, trinkets, fresh produce, and local delicacies. Passengers can indulge in tea, cheroots, cigarettes, and some mouth-watering, unique food items while surrounded by breathtaking views of the region. Show more

How much does it cost to rent a larger deck chair?

Passengers can rent larger deck chairs for a comfortable travel experience, but the price varies among different vendors. It is advisable to have adequate cash on hand as the vendors do not accept wide currency denominations. Fell free to choose the best possible vendor and rental price that suits your budget during the ferry ride. Show more

Apart from the pagoda, are there any other famous tourist sites in Dalla village?

In addition to visiting the Dallah Pagoda, there are other exciting activities in Dalla village, such as kayaking, wandering down narrow lanes, exploring the local area's markets, and experiencing the local culture and traditions. Visitors can experience the Burmese's daily lives, interact with them, and glean an understanding of the local people's distinct way of life. Show more

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