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Jet Boating

Jet boating in New Zealand's quick and shallow rivers flowing through steep canyons evokes an immeasurable thrill


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Exhilarating scream, million water splashes and a great trill at every turn when your jet boat nearly crashes into the rough rock. This water rollercoaster produces breathtaking feelings, as the vessel carries you down the swift and shallow river gorges through narrow canyons. A jet boat was invented in New Zealand in 1954 by William Hamilton, who made his dream come true when he created a revolutionary​ propellerless boat which could speed along New Zealand's 10 cm deep rivers. Jet boating soon became a symbol of the country.

Nowadays it is still a thrilling must-do experience. Among several jet boating spots the Shotover River Canyons are proved to be the best. A thrilling ride may be experienced during the whole year, yet better to choose the warm season between September and April. It will still cool you down.

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