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Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving in New Zealand

This is your chance to drive prestigious​ European cars on the most challenging ice and snow surface

Best time: June–August

Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving

Truly ambitious and adventurous drivers have a unique chance to drive a luxurious European car on snow and ice packed tracks. 30 kilometres of the most challenging driving area provide excellent drifting and slalom opportunities. Before your autocross course, expert instructors will introduce you to the basics of snow and ice driving.

The New Zealand's SHPG (Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds) provides an ​ideal and indispensable location for winter vehicle testing. World's leading car manufacturers annually test their products here, and you will be able to try your driving abilities and improve your skills.

Practical info

When is the best time of the year to participate in the Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event in New Zealand?

Winter is the season for the Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event, which takes place between June and August. These months are perfect for snow and ice activities enthusiasts due to the weather's coldness, which maintains the snow on tracks. Visitors can drive luxurious European cars on the slippery tracks and experience the thrill of driving in the winter season. Show more

Where is the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds located in New Zealand?

The Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) stretches over 300 hectares and is located near the South Island's Wanaka. The tracks are the most challenging snow and ice roads spanning 30 kilometers. Visitors can engage in diverse activities such as snow skiing, hiking, and water sports, considering Wanaka is a famous tourist destination. Show more

What kind of European cars are available for participants to drive on the snow and ice tracks in Wanaka?

Luxurious European high-end cars are available for driving at the Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event, featuring brands such as Porsche, Aston Martin, and Audi. Participants get special cars prepared with spiked tires to help traverse the slippery snow and ice roads. Safety is also a top priority as expert instructors introduce racers to snow and ice driving basics while dispensing safety tips before the race begins. Show more

What safety measures are in place for participants when driving on the challenging snow and ice tracks in Wanaka?

All necessary safety precautions are available during the Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event, prioritizing the participants' welfare. Expert instructors introduce participants to snow and ice driving basics while emphasizing the importance of safety through demonstrations. Safety gear such as helmets, gloves, jumpsuits, and boots are also mandatory during the race. Vehicles come fitted with spiked tires to provide adequate grip and enhance driver safety even on slippery roads. Show more

How experienced should a driver be to participate in the Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event?

The Wanaka Snow and Ice Driving event welcomes drivers of all experience levels, even beginners with no prior snow or ice driving experience to learn from expert instructors. While perfect drivers are not necessary, it is advisable to have some experience driving premium cars with manual transmission. Participants should bring a valid driver's license that they must present before signing up for the autocross course. Show more

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