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Machu Picchu isn't the only "lost city" to visit in Peru. Discover Choquequirao too!


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If you have already put a tick near Machu Picchu on your bucket list, Choquequirao should be your next destination.

Choquequirao in Peru - Best Season 2020

This location has been discovered only recently and archaeologists claim that about 70% of the whole city is still hidden underground or in nearby forests. Choquequirao means "the cradle of gold" and stories tell that it was the last Inca refuge.

Hiking to this place is possible from several directions—a two-day trek from Cachora or a longer and steeper trek from Yanama. In both cases, you can also choose a horse ride but this, of course, will make you take a local guide and spend more money.

After reaching Choquequirao you will be able to see white stone decorations, old buildings, and huge terraces. When standing in the middle of the green plaza of the city, you can feel like an Incan and look down on the snaking Apurimac river and snowy hills of Salkantay range.

Choquequirao can be visited year round, but the dry season between May and October promises much less rain, better roads, and a clearer view on the way.

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