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Titan Beetle

One of the largest beetles on Earth inhabits Peruvian rainforests

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Fortunately, these giant beetles have no intent to attack people, so if you want to see one in real life you can do so with no fear. The only key obstacle is that they do not appear so often and can be hard to find despite their size.

Titan Beetles are citizens of the Amazon rainforest. Not many of them have been studied yet, so science possesses only some basic facts about them. The largest specimen encountered was 16.7 cm long.

Titan Beetle larvae have yet to be studied. After the adult bug comes out it doesn't feed at all. The energy for living is transformed from reserves, collected during the pupal stage. It needs energy only to climb trees and fly down in search of females.

It is believed that the Titan Beetle breeding period occurs when the weather is the hottest and most humid, which is between September and October in the rainforest area of Peru.

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