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Kayaking in Rio de Janeiro

Get a different perspective of the city on a kayaking tour

Best time: October–December


If you're tired of walking around the city and looking for another way to see it, you should try some kayaking. It gives you an entirely different perspective of the coast and Rio. Skills are not necessary since you can kayak with a guide. Aside from that, it isn't too difficult to learn. One of the best things about kayaking is that you can access some places that are not accessible any other way. In Rio, you'll find quite a few ocean kayak tours with guides or places where you can rent a kayak and test your skills on your own. Kayak tours usually offer to take you to the bay near the fortresses of Laje and São João or sometimes even to Niterói city by Santa Cruz fortress on the other side of the bay if the weather is good. When the ocean is especially calm (October–December), ​you might be able to visit Ilha da Cotun​duba, Leme, and Copacabana outside of the bay.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kayaking in Rio de Janeiro?

Exploring attractions like Leme, Copacabana, and Ilha da Cotunduba is accessible during October to December, ideal for kayaking with the calmest ocean. This duration prevents any restrictions from being present for the tourists' recreational activity. Show more

Where are some of the best places to go kayaking in Rio de Janeiro?

Tourists have access to numerous ocean kayak tours, some of the best places to rent kayaks being Praia Vermelha, Barra da Tijuca, or Guaratiba. Options for public kayaking tours towards bay near the fortress of Laje and São João are available. Some may prefer visiting Niterói city by Santa Cruz fortress to experience paddleboarding differently, fulfilling numerous preferences. Show more

What should I wear when kayaking in Rio de Janeiro?

It is suggested to wear comfortable and lightweight clothes that are quick to dry, such as polyester or nylon. While kayaking, it is advisable to wear river shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen to beat the heat. If getting guided for kayaking, then put on a wetsuit and a waterproof windbreaker with your essentials, keeping you dry and warm during kayaking. Show more

Are there any safety precautions I should take when kayaking in Rio de Janeiro?

Your safety matters the most while kayaking in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Always wear a life jacket, inquire about the weather before kayaking, and avoid touring on days with rough oceans. Be attentive to the instructions of your guide and avoid kayaking alone. Be sure to notify somebody of your plans and route before going kayaking. Show more

Can I rent a kayak in Rio de Janeiro without a guide?

Tourists who like to rent a kayak for kayaking in Rio de Janeiro can do so without a guide, and places like Praia Vermelha, Barra da Tijuca, or Guaratiba can grant the privilege. However, follow regulations that apply to kayaking based on various sites around the city. If you're new to the area, organizing a group is a helpful option to restart your kayaking euphoria and avoid getting lost. Show more

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