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Carnaval 2024

Carnival introduces Latin-American and Caribbean cultures, which constitute a part of multicultural California

Dates: May 25-26, 2024


Latin Americans and the Caribbean community hold Carnaval at the end of May to celebrate their native cultures, which were partially formed under the influence of Central and South America. The festivities occur in the historic Mission District, named after Mission Dolores, built in 1776. The Carnaval hosts five stages of entertainment with a diverse lineup of 50 local artists and musicians. The Marketplace, spanning 400 vendors, offers international food and various merchandise. Family-friendly entertainment includes dancing, sampling foods, and other activities.

The Carnaval starts with a King and Queen Competition, which is held two months before the event. The festivities last for two days in May. The first day offers traditional food specialties, music, and dance. The second day is largely about Sunday’s Grand Parade.

Grand Parade

Being the main highlight of the Carnaval, the Grand Parade is an impressive and colorful procession with 60 groups (comprasa), showcasing the cultures of Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Overall, over 3,000 performers march through the Latino District in the Mission, covering about 20 blocks. Performers have traditional clothes decorated with lots of glitter and feathers. The King and Queen of the parade look the most exotic.​ Spectators can purchase tickets to view the parade from the Grand Stand seating area, located in front of the Gray Area Theatre.

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