Best time to visit Santorini

Sailing Season in Santorini

Sailing is possible all year round here, but most rentals stay open only for the summer season

Best time: April–late October

Sailing Season
Sailing Season

It is often believed that views of Santorini are most beautiful when seen from the sea. We strognly agree with this statement, and recommend to take an amusing sailing trip, which often also includes swimming in the hot springs. To avoid crowds while getting awesome experience, try sailing in April-May or September-October.

Practical info

What is the best time to go sailing in Santorini?

From late April to late October, the sea is generally calm, and the weather is pleasant; making it the best time for sailing in Santorini. However, since it's the high season, it's advisable to avoid sailing between mid-July to mid-August, when the island becomes crowded. This way, visitors can enjoy a peaceful and exciting sailing experience with moderate climate and serene waters. Show more

Do sailing rentals operate all year round in Santorini?

There are few sailing rentals operating in Santorini throughout the year, and most of them offer daily excursions and tours to visitors during the summer season. Visitors should make reservations or book a tour package, especially during the off-season, when the weather is unpredictable, and sailing rentals may close based on the weather conditions. Show more

Is it possible to swim in the hot springs during a sailing trip?

While sailing in Santorini, visitors can indeed swim in the hot springs located on the Palea Kameni island. The temperature of the water ranges between 30-35 degrees Celsius, and people believe that its therapeutic properties are helpful for skin and muscle ailments. Many sailing trips make a stop at the island and provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to relax and take a dip while enjoying their sailing adventure. Show more

Which are the best scenic spots of Santorini visible from the sea?

Santorini has numerous stunning sites visible from the sea during sailing trips. The magnificently massive Caldera cliffs, the colorful beaches, the volcano, and the blue domed churches and white houses in Oia are among the top scenic spots in Santorini. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque views of the island by embarking on a sunset sailing trip, an excellent way to take in the breathtaking beauty of Santorini. Show more

When is the ideal time to go sailing in Santorini to avoid crowds?

Visitors looking for a serene and peaceful sailing experience in Santorini should plan their trip from April-May or September-October. The peak season of the island is from mid-June to mid-September when the crowds are overwhelming, owing to the influx of cruise ships and visitors. Avoid the crowds and have a relaxing and private experience sailing in the off-season since the weather is still pleasant, and the waters are calm and refreshing. Show more

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