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Osprey Watching

Once ospreys seemed to have left Scotland forever, but a pair of the fish-eating birds returned to the Highlands and restored its population

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In the 19th century, these beautiful birds disappeared and were no longer found in the UK. A true miracle happened in 1954 when a pair of ospreys came to Loch Garten and these two restored the osprey population in Scotland. Today Loch Garten is considered a natural reserv​e and a hotspot for oprey birdwatching. The rare fish-eating birds might be also observed in the Cairngorms National Park near Aviemore.

During winter the ospreys fly to Africa but return to the Scottish Highlands starting in April. The greatest chances to spot the wild birds are from June to August, though the prices are also higher in comparison to less costly safaris held between April and May.

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