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Red Squirrels

Cheeky red squirrels play in the white snow and among the green pines of Devilla Forest

Red Squirrels in Scotland 2020 - Best Time

© Barry Forbes

Observing red squirrels chase each other is a great delight, especially during the winter months when their bright red fur looks great on a snowy background. These small playful and slightly cheeky creatures are native inhabitants of Scottish forests. In comparison to the non-native grey squirrels, red squirrels are not nearly as numerous. Devilla Forest in Fife is renowned for the large red squirrel population.

Red Squirrels in Scotland - Best Season 2020

The best time to watch these cheerful red-furred fellows is November to March when the snow is plentiful—the only drawback is the short winter days.

Best time for Red Squirrels in Scotland 2020