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The taste of exotic Asian fruit is described as creamy pudding, yet others complain, it is similar to rotten onions

Durian in Singapore 2019 - Best Time
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Jorge Cancela

The name Durian fruit is derived from Malay-Indonesian word "duri" that means "spike". It received this name owing to the numerous pricks. To get to the edible flesh, ​one has to cut into the hard rind with a knife. The taste of yellow or red edible segments evokes different reactions. Some praise Durian fruit for its sweet creamy savor resembling pudding, whereas others are disgusted by this flavor and compare it to rotten onions and raw sewage.

Durian in Singapore - Best Season 2019

Greek proverb says: "A different man, a different taste", so maybe you will come up with new unique associations. If it was so bad, it would not be called the "king of fruits". Durian fruit is native to southeast Asia and ripens during the rainy season through May to August. It grows 30 cm in length and weighs up to 3 kg.