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Durian Season

Durian may not be the most loved fruit, but it is definitely the king of all fruit!

Durian Season

Thai durians are considered the world’s best, and there's a good reason for it. The fruits are harvested at around 75% ripeness, then each fruit is sorted, separated, and packed for a long trip overseas. Durians tend to reach their full ripeness during the shipping process.

The strong smell and divine taste,—it's the combination that durian is most famous for. All people that taste it either love it or hate it. The fruit is large and has spikes. Its hard skin must be cut with a sharp knife, and the moment it's cut, you will definitely feel the odor often described as a mix of spoiled eggs, dirty sock, and something rotten. However, if you overcome the smell and try the inside, you will be amazed by a rich taste that can't be compared to anything else. There are many varieties of durian, with different levels of smelliness and tastiness. For beginners, we would recommend monthong (golden pillow) and puang manee (crystal durians).

Monthong or so-called golden pillow is the most popular cultivar in Thailand and in the world in general. This famous grade is known for its irregular shape, large size, and slightly sweet pale yellow flesh. Puang Manee or crystal durian is a lesser-known cultivar but its popularity gains traction by leaps and bounds. This sort is usually small with smooth, regular spines. However, it provides plenty of sweet and delicious flesh.

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