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Daikoku Matsuri 2021

Start the New Year by honouring the Japanese god of fortune


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Every January the Japanese seek blessings from Daikoku deity to start the New Year in a good way. It includes a chilling purification ritual when young men and teenagers pour buckets of icy water on themselves.

Daikoku Matsuri in Tokyo - Best Season 2020

Kanda Myosin Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo, is a great place to receive blessing and pay tribute to Daikoku. Locals flock here to pray and get some good luck when Daikoku’s lucky mallet is shaken over them.

Best time for Daikoku Matsuri in Tokyo 2020

Another tradition that you can observe is hocho-shiki—a skillful ceremonial slicing of a large carp with knife and chopsticks by a master chef. The trick is to do the cutting without touching the fish. This Japanese tradition exists from the Heian period.

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