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Lake Synevyr in Ukraine

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Best time: all year round (especially summer-fall)

Lake Synevyr
People on Synevyr Lake

Synevyr is rightfully thought of as one of Ukraine's seven natural wonders. It is the largest mountain lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians and a treasure of the 1989-founded Synevyr National Park. Visitors from all over the world, who admire the lake's melancholic natural harmony are drawn to this special location on a regular basis. So let's see what exactly is so special about it.

About the lake

There are numerous legends, mysteries, and folklore tales surrounding Synveyr. It sits atop the Internal Gorgany Mountains, 989 meters above sea level. The tiny island in the middle of the lake and the surrounding blue water have earned Synevyr the "Sea Eye" nickname. The spruce trees around the lake help keep the air fresh and fragrant, and the lake goes as deep as 79 ft (24 meters).

The water is chilly year-round, even at the height of summer. Yes, you won't be able to swim in the lake's constant water of 11 °C temperature, but you will surely be able to see silver trout play in the clear water, take in the magnificent scenery from a platform, and hear the legends about this mysterious place.

When daily anxieties and urban problems overwhelm you, Synevyr Lake in Ukraine is among the top places you can go to get away from it all. Breathe in the fresh air, practice meditation, and go for a walk in the woods when you are sick of modern life and want to feel liberated.

The best time to visit

Any local will tell you that there are no seasonal limits when it comes to visiting Synevyr. After all, the lake is gorgeous both in a frozen state and during the hottest months. However, we think the best time is summer through fall, and we'll tell you why. The thing is that from June to August, weather conditions are the most comfortable: there is less rain (which makes hiking in the area much easier), and lush summertime greenery around the lake adds to its already magnificent vibe.

During fall, on the other hand, you can enjoy breathtaking views of fall foliage, reflected in the water. September through November are also the finest months for taking amazing pictures on the lake. This way, it's all up to you. Just remember to book your accommodation in advance and have an amazing time!

Practical info

When should visitors travel to Lake Synevyr?

Lake Synevyr is accessible year-round, but the summer to fall seasons offer the best climate and highlight the natural scenery. The most suitable weather conditions occur from June to August with drier conditions, making it an ideal time to hike around the region. In autumn, visitors are rewarded with striking views of the trees' colorful foliage that enhances the lake's beauty even more. Show more

What is the location of Lake Synevyr in Ukraine?

Situated in Zakarpattia Oblast within the Ukrainian Carpathians, Lake Synevyr rests 100 miles away from Lviv. This top natural wonder resides on the Internal Gorgany Mountains at an elevation of 989 meters above sea level and welcomes visitors worldwide. The surrounding platform provides for an excellent vantage point to appreciate the breathtaking scenery around the lake. Show more

What is the lake's water temperature?

Lake Synevyr retains a 52 °F or 11 °C temperature throughout the year, including summer months. Visitors are advised against swimming in the lake but can glance at the silver trout cavorting in the crystal-clear water. The lake serves as the principal drinking water source for adjacent communities, which underscores its importance and necessitates unfailing oversight and protection. Show more

What are the various myths covering the tiny island located in the middle of the lake?

Many tales, myths and folk stories revolve around the little island in the middle of Lake Synevyr. Some suggest it belongs to an enchanted princess who appears at midnight to comb her golden hair near the lake's banks. Anyone who sees her purportedly receives luck and wealth. The island's creation is also credited to a giant who threw a rock into the lake to prove his strength. Show more

How many hiking trails are within the vicinity of Lake Synevyr, and where do they lead?

Hiking enthusiasts have several routes around Lake Synevyr, with the most traveled one leading to the Shypit Waterfall, about 6 km away. The course is marked and easy to follow but steep in some segments. During the hike, one will come across the wooden church ruins and enjoy the fascinating forest along the journey. Shypit Waterfall is a scenic delight, surrounded by woodland that completes the stunning view. Many other hiking trails are available for exploring the lake. Show more

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