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Devil's Marbleyard

A unique geological formation that makes a big impression


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The Devil's Marbleyard is a rock field of huge boulders located in Jefferson National Forest, which is part of the James River Face Wilderness area in Virginia. The marble yard has considerable geological significance. Some boulders are the size of a minivan or a table. The rocky area is popular with hikers and boulder enthusiasts. The best time for outdoor activities in the wilderness is from March through November. However, winter hiking is also possible.

The Devil's Marbleyard can be reached by the Belfast Trail that winds about 5 km (3 mi), close to Natural Bridge Station. Hikers have to pass the remains of an old Boy Scout camp and trace Belfast Creek and climb uphill before eventually getting the Devil's Marbleyard. Kids love to climb boulders and adults should try it too since it provides beautiful views in any direction.

After you see the Devil's Marbleyard, you can continue walking down the Gunter Ridge Trail or take the Appalachian Trail, which grants more panoramic views of Virginia. There are a few campsites where hikers can spend a night or two. Some people bring their dogs along, which is fine, as long as pets don't get lost in the cracks.

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