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Baba Marta 2024

Celebrate the arrival of the spring as bright as you can!

Dates: March 1

Baba Marta
Baba Marta
Baba Marta
Hanging Martenitsa
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In the Bulgarian cultural tradition, people cheerfully greet spring by giving each other special gifts on the first day of March. People offer Martenitsa to each other and say: "Chastity Baba Martha!" ("Happy Baba Marta!").

Martenitsa is made of red and white twisted woolen threads and has to appease and amuse the Baba Marta. In Bulgarian folklore, Baba Martha is a grumpy granny whose mood changes very quickly, which is reflected in the changeable weather of March. If Baba Martha smiles, the weather is warm and sunny, and if she is angry, then a cold wind blows.

The red color of Martenitsa represents health and fertility, while white means strength, purity, and happiness. This decoration should be tied to the arm, belt, or top clothes and not removed within 3, 9, or 25 days to be lucky next year. Bulgarians also hang Martenitsa on flowering trees—apple, cherry, or plum trees to have a good harvest.

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