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Veliko Tarnovo International Folklore Festival 2023, Bulgaria

Balkan folk music is original and beautiful, so check out the festival to see the best groups and soloists in action

Dates: July 22–29, 2023

In the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo, you have a chance to enjoy Balkan folklore at its best. In May, thousands of participants from different regions of the country gather in the old capital to present their stunning folk songs, dances, and customs at the Balkan Folklore Festival.

Every year the folk performers come to Veliko Tarnovo not just to show their true art of dancing, singing, or playing, but also to share the joy and satisfaction that folk music brings and to meet old or new friends. The festival is not only limited to music, dances, and songs. Here one can also find some fairs with various products from local artisans.

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