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The Big Fresno Fair 2023

The largest entertainment event in San Joaquin Valley

Dates: October 4–15, 2023

The Big Fresno Fair
The Big Fresno Fair

Every October, the historical Big Fresno Fair attracts over 600,000 people for two weeks with its affordable entertainment, exhibits, livestock shows, horse racing, live music and educational programs. The fifth-largest fair in California celebrates agriculture of the region and brings a slice of rural life into an urban neighbourhood serving as an educational experience for many families.

Founded in 1884, The Big Fresno Fair has the same location and is held at the same time of year since its inception. It has become a favourite tradition for thousands of families in the Central Valley to come here for exciting carnival rides, great fair food, and lots of free entertainment.

The nine-day live Horse Racing is one of the most famous traditions of The Big Fresno Fair. Over 500 horses arrive at The Big Fresno Fair's track to compete for the main prize. The track is considered to be one of the best and fastest in California. Other entertainment at the grandstand includes dancing horses Caporales de Fresno, Derby Dog Race, and Bulldog Stakes Race.

On the opening day of the fair, crowds gather to watch the Annual Big Band Review, when twenty-five Junior High and High School Marching Bands from all over California compete for cash prizes and honours.

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