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Kitesurfing in Cancun

A kitesurfing paradise, just half an hour drive north of Cancun

Best time: November–May


Isla Blanca nestled a few km north of Cancun seems to be designed for kitesurfers and kiteboarders. Its pristine coastline doesn't get much attention except fir kiteboarders. Constant winds ensure a great surf, whereas the shallow, flat water of the lagoon provides safe surfing opportunities, suitable even for the novices. Anyone seeking a more challenging kiteboarding and some waves is welcome to Cancun Hotel's kite spots, namely Playa Delfines, P​laya Chac Mool, Marina Chac Chi, and Punta Nizus. The best season is between November and May ​when there is plenty of wind but no threat of storms or hurricanes.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Cancun for kitesurfing?

The ideal period to visit Cancun for kiteboarding enthusiasts is between November and May. During this time, the weather conditions are excellent, and the wind strength is strong, making it an ideal time for kiteboarding. Furthermore, the area is not adversely affected by hurricanes or other weather conditions that could threaten the activity or your personal safety. Additionally, there are numerous kiteboarding competitions that are held during this period. Show more

Where are the best Cancun Hotel kite spots for advanced kitesurfers?

Several spots in Cancun Hotel are ideal for advanced kiteboarding enthusiasts, including Playa Delfines, Marina Chac Chi, Punta Nizuc, and Playa Chac Mool. These locations are known for their high waves and challenging conditions, making them an ideal option for kitesurfing professionals and skilled boarders from all around the world. Show more

Is Isla Blanca only suitable for experienced kiteboarders?

Isla Blanca is an excellent location for both experienced kiteboarders and beginners. Although the region's strong winds make it suitable for advanced kiteboarding, shallow and flat lagoon waters are appropriate for beginners to learn to kiteboard safely. Kiteboarding schools are also available in the region to help novices learn kiteboarding's ropes while experiencing the thrill of the activity. Show more

When is the peak season for kitesurfing in Cancun?

The best time to go kitesurfing in Cancun is between December to February. During this period, the area has the ideal weather conditions, and the wind speed generates fantastic kite surf opportunities. The ocean remains clear as it provides a comfortable culminating experience for kiteboarding enthusiasts. However, peak-season visitors should keep in mind that Cancun's beaches will likely be congested. Show more

How does the wind and water conditions in Cancun compare to other kitesurfing destinations in the world?

Isla Blanca in Cancun offers the best kiteboarding conditions globally, with ideal weather conditions, shallow and flat waters, consistent strong winds, and high waves. Cancun's conditions stand out compared to other kiteboarding destinations worldwide because of it is a safe place to kitesurf, providing a mix of calm and wavy waters suitable for a great adventure while ensuring safety. Show more

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