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Flamingo Watching

Observe these graceful creatures—pink flamingos in Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

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La Guajira Desert is the most arid part of Colombia where you can find Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary. Unfortunately, due to a strong drought that has reached La Guajira for the last few years, the number of flamingos has greatly reduced.

One interesting fact is that originally baby flamingos don't have a pink colour, but rather they become pink after five years of eating shrimp and microalgae.

Also, female flamingos lay just one egg per year, so it's very precious to them. Besides flamingos, you can explore a tiny Wayúu community which is one of the biggest indigenous groups in Colombia. You can visit the Guajira Desert all year round, but the best time for flamingos is the dry period from December to January.

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