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Mount Ida in Colorado

A hidden gem of the Rocky Mountains National Park

Mount Ida is a prominent peak in the northern Front Range of the Rockies, located in the Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness near Grand Lake, Colorado. Mount Ida is 12,865 ft (3,921 m) tall. It was named after Mount Ida on Crete. The picturesque ascent to Mount Ida provides stunning views on seven lakes and several alpine meadows. The Trail Ridge Road that traverses the Rocky Mountain is open from late May to mid-October, so these are the best months to hike Mt Ida and the area.

The ascent to Mount Ida starts from the Poudre Lake Trailhead located at Milner Pass, not far from the Grand Lake Entrance and the Alpine Visitor Center. A 9.2-mi (14.8-km) hike with an elevation gain of 2,375 ft (724 m) can be done in about 6 hours. Hikers are rewarded with the fantastic views along the Continental Divide, as well as from the summit. You'll see Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Lake, Azure and Inkwell lakes, as well as several other water basins. The trail features alpine sunflowers and arctic gentian. There are many marmots and picas. You can also see a bighorn sheep or an elk if you get lucky. Start your hike early since you might get exposed to summer thunderstorms on the ridgeline that usually come in the afternoon.

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