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Rarotonga Cross Island Walk

Discover natural beauty of this island during the dry period


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You can hike anywhere on the Cook Islands, but some of the best trails are found on Rarotonga. So if you are looking for something really interesting and authentic, you can take a guided 3 to 4-hour hike through amazing nature from the north to south coasts of Rarotonga. Most of the trails are well maintained, but there are some really challenging steep sections—extremely dangerous in wet weather. Thus, the dry and cool period is the best time for this adventure. On your way, you'll have to cross several streams and the most exciting—the 413m Te Rua Manga (Needle). Check out the incredible scenery that opens from the top of this mountain. The trail ends near the gorgeous Wigmore’s Waterfall, where you can cool off after your trip. One more great thing about this trek is that here you won't find any snakes, poisonous insects, or wild animals. The one thing that can bother you is mosquitos. So choose some appropriate shoes, use mosquito repellent, take a lot of drinking water and go for it!

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