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Charlie Jazz Festival 2023

Save the date for one one-of-a-kind jazz festival with a French charm

Charlie Jazz Festival in Provence, France, promises an extraordinary experience of jazz music and culture. This annual festival captivates people from all walks of life with its remarkable lineup of top-tier jazz musicians and up-and-coming artists. The festival presents a varied schedule, highlighting the rich tapestry of jazz styles, from popular soulful melodies to unexpected yet exciting rhythms. Festival-goers can fully immerse themselves in the energetic environment and mingle with other like-minded enthusiasts, passionate about this music style.

The Charlie Jazz Festival offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of whether you are a jazz buff or a newbie wanting to learn more about the genre. This renowned event continues to push the frontiers of jazz with its dedication to excellence and creativity, making a lasting impression on everyone's hearts and minds. So, don’t hesitate to book your housing in advance and have a wonderful time.

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