Best time to visit Great Barrier Reef

Windsurfing in Great Barrier Reef

Try windserfing experience off the most majestic coastline of the continent

Best time: May–September

Take on one of the most astonishing challenges off the Great Barrier Reef coast—windsurfing. It's an ideal outdoor activity for those of you who like active holidays together with country's most stunning views. The experience is available for the whole family including kids older than 12. Windsurfing experience is available for both skilled ones and those of you who just take first steps in the sport.

Practical info

What is the minimum age for windsurfing in Great Barrier Reef?

The windsurfing experience in Great Barrier Reef is available to children over 12 years old. This activity is perfect for a family who wants to enjoy their holiday actively with breathtaking views. Certified instructors will provide necessary guidance and teach windsurfing basics, adjusting to your skill level. Show more

Can windsurfing be a family-friendly activity?

As long as professional instructors are there to guide you, windsurfing is generally a safe family-friendly activity where you can have fun while enjoying the stunning views. They prioritize your safety while challenging you through the sport. It is an excellent way to bond with family while having an adventure-filled vacation. Show more

What wind conditions are best for windsurfing?

Since windsurfing requires wind to move, ideal wind conditions are necessary. For windsurfing, you need stable and consistent wind with enough speed. Before scheduling windsurfing, check the local weather forecast to know the wind conditions. The Great Barrier Reef trade winds prevail between May and September, which is the perfect time to visit for windsurfing. Show more

Are there other activities available besides windsurfing?

Apart from windsurfing, other activities can be enjoyed at Great Barrier Reef, such as Snorkelling where visitors can see colorful marine life and stunning coral reefs. The underwater scenery can also be experienced through scuba diving. Visitors can take a scenic flight or join various tour activities to appreciate the whole beauty of Great Barrier Reef. Show more

When is the Great Barrier Reef's best time to experience windsurfing?

For a windsurfing experience at Great Barrier Reef, the best time to visit is between May and September, known for the trade winds that typically come from the southeast, providing a stable and enjoyable wind condition for visitors. The temperature varies from mild to moderate during these months, making it an ideal outdoor activity period. Show more

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