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Being home to a wide variety of flora and fauna India owns some of the most beautiful sanctuaries in the world

Best time: September–June


Bandhavgarh (or Brother's Fort) is a famed India’s tiger playground. Besides tigers, there are more than 40 rare leopards, lots of birds, and more commonly sighted animals such as wild boar, deer, and so on. Bandhavgarh National Park is open from mid-October through June.

Hemis National Park in Ladakh is blown with chilly winds and is paradise for those who adore the ultimate tremor of high ascents. This sanctuary is famous for Tibetan argali and blue sheep, snow cocks, endangered leopards, chukhar, and golden eagles. Best time for animal watching in this park is from September to March.

And the best time to spot snow leopards in the Hemis National Park fall from January to early April.

Have you ever seen how one-horned rhinoceros look like in real life? Kaziranga National Park breeds the largest amount of these unique creatures. It is rich not only with rhinos but also with various birds, bears, elephants, and panthers. The park is closed from May to October so enjoy this one-of-a-kind wildlife experience from November to April.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park and what animals can be seen there besides tigers?

The ideal period to visit Bandhavgarh National Park is from February to May as the weather is pleasant, although it remains open from mid-October through June. The park is a source of rare leopard sightings, with over 40 leopards sighted there, wild boars, deer, lots of birds alongside the main attraction, which is the Bengal tigers. Show more

What is the best time for animal watching in Hemis National Park and what unique species can be spotted there?

For wildlife watching, the best time to visit Hemis National Park is between September and March, when there's a high possibility of sightings. The park has rare animal species such as Tibetan argalis, chukhar, snow cocks, snow leopards, blue sheep, and golden eagles. From January through early April is the best time to spot snow leopards as they usually move to low altitudes. Show more

Where can the largest amount of one-horned rhinoceros be found in India?

In northeastern India, there's Kaziranga National Park. This park boasts of hosting the world's highest number of one-horned rhinoceroses, which visitors can view grazing or using water holes. Kaziranga is accessible by rail, air, and road transport. Kaziranga is rich in other wildlife such as elephants, panthers, bears, and diverse bird species. Show more

What other animals can be seen in Kaziranga National Park besides rhinos?

The park is a home to several mammal breeds, including swamp deer, bison, panthers, bears, elephants, among others. These aren't the only attractions, though; bird-watchers can choose from over 400 bird species. Visitors will have the chance to observe a range of birds, from crested serpent eagles to the Bengal florican and the spot-billed pelican among others. Show more

When is Kaziranga National Park closed for visitors?

Kaziranga National Park is closed throughout most of May to October due to the heavy rainfall and severe floods during the monsoon season; a time when the park becomes inundated. The park remains open in the months of November to April, and the weather's sufficient, making it the optimal time to visit. However, visitors are advised to verify the park's website before going on holiday or national holidays. Show more

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