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Best time to visit Kyoto


Marvellous mountains, hills, crystal blue lakes, rivers and waterfalls, multiple spiritual temples and shrines—all of this awaits you in the Kyoto area


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Kyoto is surrounded by spectacular mountains on three sides, making the city a real paradise for hikers. Short half-day and full-day hikes are a great way to get acquainted with the area.

You can try the easy hike to Mt. Daimonji, which will give you the possibility to enjoy excellent views over Kyoto.

Walk to Mt. Inari-san and explore the pilgrimage circle around the shrines. This walk is considered to be one of the most pleasant short hikes around Kyoto. On your way, you will see the prominent Fushimi Inari-Taisha temple.

You can also choose an easy half-day hike through tranquil rural villages from Kurama to Kibune. During your walk, you will discover many beautiful temples, shrines, tiny villages, cedar forests and picturesque mountains. Alternatively, you can choose a more challenging hike from Takao to Hozukyo, which will last around six hours. During your trek, you will enjoy two superb temples, marvellous waterfalls, and the crystal-clear Kiyotaki-gawa River. Mt. Atago is also a popular hiking spot. There are many routes up and down, with one of the best path running from Mt. Atago to Kiyotaki.

The list of Kyoto's best hiking trails is truly endless, and each hike promises eye-popping views! Hiking in Kyoto is available all year round, and the peak season is summer when most tourists visit the city. However, the very best time is from March until May and from September until November. The weather is suitable for hikers during these time periods as it is not as hot and rainy as the summer months. Winter hiking can be fairly challenging due to cold weather conditions. Spring is also loved for impressive sakura blooms and autumn—for its colourful foliage.

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